Picture4Aastra 700 gives you the opportunity to get a complete solution focused on IP, mobility and based on the well established Aastra portfolio. Designed specifically to address the needs from small to medium-size businesses, Aastra 700 lets you build your state-of-the-art IP solution in a remarkably convenient and cost-efficient way. It is easy to use and indeed future proof being based on industry standards and a strategic platform. Yet you retain complete control over your communications and cost

Aastra 700 is a pure IP, Mobility and UC solution that meets the needs of today’s business environment in the SME segment. The call control, management and UC applications come pre-installed on a single server together with necessary media gateway resources neatly packed into a 3U chassis.

  • The Aastra 700 solution includes:

All-in-one solution with call control and UC applications on a single virtualized server environment Integration of mobile phones into the telephony system using Aastra?s state of the art fixed mobile convergence solutions Productivity enhancement tools, such as presence/activity management for more efficient call management, advanced messaging (for voice mail, fax mail and unified messaging), as well as call screening Award-winning contact center solutions with Solidus eCare Lite, tailored for the SME

This new offering provides companies with the flexibility to build a leading edge UC solution in a cost effective and convenient manner. Employees working from home or on the move can become reachable on the same number and benefit from similar features as when they are in the office.

The Aastra 700 supports standard communications protocols like SIP on both the extension and trunk line and is available with a wide variety of terminals (mobile, SIP, IP, IP DECT, digital, analog, etc.) and applications.


  • The main benefits of Aastra 700 towards an enterprise can be summarized under three value propositions as


  •  One point of contact regardless of device (Single Number Reach)
  •  Full control of communications and costs (presence/activity/call routing management regardless of device and effective cost control using AMC’s dynamic mobile least cost routing)
  •  Fully integrated mobility for access to services wherever you are
  •  Full suite of terminals(fixed and mobile) and soft clients to cater to different customer needs

Ease of use

  • Intuitive to manage and use (user-friendly and intuitive applications)
  • Integrated suite of applications which enhance productivity and efficiency
  •  Web-based management for single point of entry

A wise investment

  • Based on open industry standards – e.g. SIP, CSTA/XML, Web services and SOA
  • Built-in investment protection (flexible architecture that can grow as a company evolves)
  • Based on a strategic platform (easy to integrate with new technologies and applications)

Aastra 700 is packaged as a stand-alone system with a virtualized server together with the necessary media gateway resources in a compact 19” chassis. On the ASU-E server board running in a VMware ESXi 4.1 environment, there is the call control and management applications on a Linux virtual machine as well as the necessary UC applications on a Windows 2008 Server virtual machine.

  • The Aastra 700 basic system contains the Telephony System and Applications as shown below.

Telephony System – consists of following basic components (all in one box):

  •  Media Gateway Unit board
  •  Aastra Server Unit – Embedded (ASU-E) board with the software pre-loaded
  •  free slots for legacy boards (e.g. analog, digital, DECT, CAS/MFC-R2 with MFU, etc.)

Applications – a complete range of applications for administrators and end-users

  •  Management applications
  •  Unified Messaging
  •  Contact Management
  •  Contact Center
  •  Soft phone
  •  Aastra Mobile Clients

Although the applications are delivered pre-installed on the Aastra Server Unit inserted into the box, some may require additional licensing in order to be activated.