• Aastra BusinessPhone Call Center
    The Aastra BusinessPhone Call Center solution is for small to mediumsized enterprises that want to improve customer service. The BusinessPhone Call Center can be built up in several steps and can easily be expanded in terms of number of agents and functionality, depending on immediate and future needs, leading to effective communication management.The base of the system is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), which is included in the core of BusinessPhone. This ensures that calls are directed to the most appropriate call-handling group – accounts department, sales order team, warehouse – giving callers a sense of efficiency, and making the communication process more effective.
    One of the building blocks in the system is the BusinessPhone Call Center Supervisor (CCS), an information system for the BusinessPhone Call Center solution. It provides management and staff with information on the performance of the call-center both in real-time and through detailed historical reports. This information is vital for fine-tuning the day-to-day operation of the call-center and for long-term planning.The BusinessPhone Call Center Assistant (CCA) can be added to improve support for agents and supervisors. This Windows application enhances the productivity of call-center agents by providing a single environment for all activities. Computer-telephony integration (CTI) is used to simplify workflow — agents carry out call-control and administration tasks using a networked PC.
    Finally, it is possible to add wall displays that help keep individual agents aware of how the group is functioning or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to guide callers or provide information while on hold.
    Both applications, CCA and CCS, offer a 60-day free trial period. Furthermore, CCA and CCS are available on the Integrated Application Server (IAS), thus offering a complete built-in switch call-center, with an easy try-and-buy concept and reduced installation time. A Windows Server 2003 embedded telecom edition runs on the IAS.
    Aastra’s ”Enterprise Product Certification Scheme” allows software developers to certify their specialized computer applications for use with BusinessPhone. No matter how specific your requirements are, you can use BusinessPhone with the call-center software you need.