With our experiences in comprehensive services, Loxley Wireless has implemented many regular and mega projects both domestically and internationally. Such fact stresses that we are one of the most reliable telecommunication service providers in Asia.


Fiber Optic Cable Network Project
nednet The project is implemented under the National Educational Network (NedNet) Project between 2011 and 2013 in the lower part of the northeastern region. It involves development and expansion of infrastructures for UniNet to cover and support the expanded connection to the whole educational system by installing the fiber optic cable network for 1,540 schools in the lower part of the northeastern region and 1,228 schools in the South. The total project price is 529,065,421 Baht.

BFKT Fiber Optic Cable Network Installation Project
 BFKT The fiber optic cable is laid over a distance of 3,300 kilometers to make connections for base stations. The installation is made in eight provinces in the lower part of the Northeast. The total project price is 226,476,131 Baht.

The Gulf of Thailand Fiber Optic Cable Network Project
 under sea cable Under this project of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, we have to install undersea fiber optic cables over the distance of 1,340 kilometers to provide telecommunication services from the land to drilling rigs in the Gulf of Thailand. The total project price is 2,726 million Baht.

Third Generation (3G) Mobile Network Project
 3g Under this project of TOT Public Company Limited, it is required that we build the full-scale 3G mobile network in all provinces nationwide to upgrade the quality of life of people. The total project price is 16,000 million Baht.
These are a part of success that Loxley Wireless is proud of. Such success pushes us to work even harder to best serve our customers and provide them with the best products and services for their maximum satisfaction.