For your effective business communications both internally and externally, we are ready to provide you with Private Branch Exchange (PBX), auto attendant system, Call Center, and a variety of office phones of your choice from Asatra Technologies Limited, Canada. Such services are available for all companies, business organizations, and general offices as well as branches to make sure that you will never miss any communications.

Communications Platforms

Aastra Business Phone

  • Business Phone 50 for an organization with 64 employees or more
  • Business Phone 128i for an organization with 128 employees or more
  • Business Phone 250 for an organization with 200 employees or more, supporting more than 40 Call Center lines, and easy for business expansion with large system capacity


Aastra 400
Aastra 400 offers all-in-one Unified & Collaborative (UC) communications solution. It helps make your business communication easier with cutting-edge technologies like VoIP, SIP and XML, as basis for innovative communication solutions. It enables seamless connection with equipment on the company premises (DECT, SIP-DECT and WLAN) and outside the company premises (Fixed Mobile Convergence: FMC). The system is capable of supporting as many as 600 users.  …more detail>>
Aastra 700
Aastra 700 is an IP PBX solution that meets the needs of today’s business environment in the SME segment. It is easy to use and supports future standards and platforms. The call control and management applications come pre-installed on a single server together with necessary media gateway resources neatly packed into a 3U chassis. …more detail>>
MX-One is a full-featured communication server, which can support a wide range of industries and businesses, including travel, transport, manufactories, and government agencies. The solution can be deployed in both headquarters and branch offices. Its comprehensive set of UCC applications cater to the different user needs in large organizations. It can support 300 to 500,000 users. Its quality is guaranteed by an impressive installed base of more than 60,000 customers in over 100 countries. …more detail>>




Desk phones


Aastra7000 Series
Aastra7000 Series is a range of standard office phone for smooth business communications. 
Aastra Dialog 4000 Digital Telephones Series
Aastra Dialog 4000 Digital Telephones Series is designed to offer all functions for office communication needs. It is outstandingly equipped with easy-to-understand graphic display and various applications.
Aastra SIP Telephones 6700i Series
Aastra SIP Telephones 6700i Series is superb with sophisticated design and function menus. It offers graphic display feature and has applications that support multiple-line conference.
Aastra 9000i Series
Aastra 9000i Series provides a unique set of functions to support a complete range of business communications as well as internationally accepted security system. 
Aastra WiFi412
Aastra WiFi412 is a cordless Wi-Fi phone in the form of mobile phone to provide more convenient business communications. Data can be linked from mobile phone, websites, and personal computers. It supports around the clock service.