We, Loxley Wireless, are a specialist in engineering designs, procurement, construction and installation of communication network both base stations and mobile phone towers, either indoor or outdoor, maintenance services, after-sale services, and Network optimization and Network Coverage Enhancement as well as Repeater and Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier-MCPA installation.

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With our competent human resources and extensive experiences, Loxley Wireless is well prepared to build telecommunication system network and provide both turnkey and outsourcing services that cover all steps to improve the efficiency of networks, both 2G and 3G, as well as 4G LTE, with unlimited scope of service both inside and outside of a building (indoor and outdoor coverage & capacity), including areas where there usually is no or limited coverage, such as tunnels, warships, cargo ships, skyscrapers, and airports.

3gMoreover, since we have personnel with SI expertise, we have expanded our services in designing and installing various applications in mobile phone system, such as SMS, MMS, ringtone, JAVA, games, NMS, and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting.

With our interest in television technology development, we have gathered a variety of domestic technologies and begun to manufacture digital UHF TV transmitters and UHF cables for domestic use to serve customers who are licensed to operate digital television business.

With our extensive experiences and comprehensive services, we are ready to meet all of your telecommunication and IT needs and determined to walk hand in hand with you to the success together.