Loxley Wireless Public Company Limited was established in 1996 under the name of Cellular Products and Services Company Limited with 100% of its shares being held by Loxley Public Company Limited. After its establishment, Loxley Wireless has taken part in the successful operation of its parent company, Loxley PCL, which is engaged in the business of consumer goods up to complex and advanced technology products, by adopting the participatory business model that allows the company to work closely with its customers and suppliers to ultimately meet the customers’ needs for products, services and solutions.



Being a leader in advanced innovations and technologies and committed to provision of services most satisfactory to customers


  • We seek to generate income and grow consistently.
  • We seek to build a new business group that is able to generate long-term incomes and profits continually.
  • We seek to create business partners and invest in businesses all over AEC countries.
  • We seek to strengthen our human resources and enhance their competence, expertise, and leadership.



the company was founded as a provider of mobile telephone service provider in coordination with Wireless Communication Services Company Limited under “IQ Digital Mobile Phone Network.”
in cooperation with Ericsson, we adjusted our business operation by serving as a dealer and providing after-sale services in relation to telephone and communication networks within organizations before moving further during the peak period of mobile telephone market when we expanded our business to network installation for large mobile telephone service providers in Thailand.
our business was strengthened with our new business partner, Huawei Technology, a recognized telecommunication company of China, which worked with us in various telecommunication projects.
data market tended to grow rapidly so the company decided to cooperate with Huawei-3Com in order to enter the data and computer network market together.
the company won Motorola’s trust to serve as its exclusive distributor of wireless broadband products in Thailand.
the National Telecommunications Commission issued the company a license, which allowed us to legally provide our self-constructed internet network services. At this point, we were able to install wireless networks and provide internet services in the name of Loxley Broadband to meet the needs of our customers by offering them high-quality internet network and the most effective after-sale services.

in partnership with Loxley, the company became a successful bidder in TOT Public Company Limited’s 16,000 million baht project to install 5,000 stations of 3G mobile telephone service networks nationwide (including maintenance and network technology support).
Also in this year, in association with Loxley and Italian Thai, we were entrusted by CAT Telecom Public Company Limited to implement the 1300-kilometer undersea fiber optic cable network installation project, amounting to 2,700 million baht (including survey and equipment).
Moreover, the company became an official partner of Alcatel-Lucent, a French leading manufacturer of telecommunication products, and worked closely to provide advanced technologies and equipment to meet the requirements of many organizational customers in the public, business and industrial sectors.

the company entered a joint venture with Advance Information Technology Public Company Limited under the name of AIT Holding Company Limited to invest in communication businesses and power plants in Myanmar under Andaman Smart Communication Co., Ltd. 
we enhanced a variety of our solutions to support telecommunication systems for all types of projects of both public and private sectors by working in partnership with Finland’s Nokia Siemens Networks and Sweden’s Ericsson.

Loxley Wireless is ready to always provide “the value that is more than communication” in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.