Alcatel-Lucent (Thailand) Co., Ltd. held in-depth lecture and workshop with the topic of “Reseller Workshop for Myanmar Projects” on 9th May 2013. The purposes of the lecture and workshop were to provide the company’s world-class information and knowledge exchange to Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd. which recently appointed as an official reseller, so Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd. will gain the latest industrial knowledge that can be used in crucial projects in Myanmar for both short and long term. The knowledge included IP Optic used for high speed data transferring at 100G and undersea Fiber-Optic in which Alcatel-Lucent had high experience as provider for energy and fuel organizations around the globe. Alcatel-Lucent gave greatly importance and information support to the event which was honoured by the presence and speech of Mr. Sebastian Laurent, President and Managing director of Alcatel-Lucent (Thailand), about growth trends in Telecommunication and Information Technology businesses in Myanmar. Experts in IP Optic, DWSM, and Trunking gateway also gave lectures as well as Mr. Stan Wagner and Mr. Laurence-Patrick Doyle, Marketing Director of Submarine Networks who flied straight from Asia Pacific regional office to provide lecture about latest underwater cable technologies and examples of the actual deployments of networks around the globe including CAT telecommunication. Various sizes of example competent cable components were also exhibited between the lectures. The event received well attentions from audiences.

Alcatel-Lucent has confidence in potential and advancement of technologies along with its long time accumulated experience from numerous large telecommunication projects around the world. The company is willing to fully support its reseller partners in either technical information or sale support to create enduring business together.